“As we turn to …

“As we turn to the fundamental principles of physics, we discover that order does not really emerge from chaos, as we might naively assume; it always emerges from greater and more impressive order already present at a deeper level. . . . The simplicity to which scientific reductionism leads us, then, is of a very paradoxical kind. It is a simplicity that is by no means simpleminded.”

–Stephen M. Barr in¬†Fearful Symmetries


“Made for joy, …

“Made for joy, we settle for pleasure. Made for justice, we settle for vengeance.” –N.T. Wright

Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us remember not to settle for filthy rags, or even second best.¬†Brothers and sisters who don’t already know Christ, there is immeasurably more than we ask or think.

“I am in revolt…

“I am in revolt against the age-old lie that the majority is always right! I tell you now that the majority is always wrong. Was the majority right when they stood by while Jesus was crucified? Was the majority right when they refused to believe that the earth moved around the sun and let Galileo be driven to his knees like a dog? It takes 50 years for the majority to be right. The majority is never right until it does right.”

–Dr. Stockmann (An Enemy of The People by Henrik Ibsen)