It is amazing what can happen when you offer up your wounds as a gift. While I do not at feel deserving of these overwhelmingly kind words, it has been a rich blessing to see that God has taken my five loaves and two fishes, and multiplied them bless and heal others.

Karen has that rare ability of bringing new insight to old topics in a way that engages and challenges – the hallmarks of a great writer. Her life experiences also lend her the authority to write on sensitive topics such as depression. A pleasure to read and recommend.

Claire van Ryn (Columnist for The Examiner)

Under Reconstruction has become one of my favorite sanctuaries online. Full of insightful observations and smart humor, Karen takes us on an intimate journey through her daily struggles and triumphs over mental health issues. Charming, intelligent and soulful. Karen Zainal is one to watch.

Cindy Thio (VP of Operations & Product Management at SICM)

Karen writes an always thought-provoking blog. Her writing is clear and profound. Even more, it has great heart. I recommend it.”

Tom  Quiner (Blogger, Quiner’s Diner)

Karen started and maintains one of the most creative and original blogs I have read online. Her perceptiveness and acute insight into the human condition are apparent in every paragraph, and her writing style combines the best of academic precision and personal intimacy, with a healthy dose of humor and charity besides. She is clearly a very smart young woman, with a keen grasp of how to pique others’ interest in her own projects and concerns. I very much look forward to her regular essays and updates.

Michael Ford (Director,  FLS International, Inc.)

“I met Karen through the blogosphere and have found her to be incredibly dedicated to healing people through writing. I see her blog as indescribably honest and worth the extra few moments it takes to find it, read it and process what she has to say. Karen is an inspiration to everyone, but especially those who are looking for a way to recover from emotional wounds.

Sandra Fynboh Andress (Owner, Blue Sky Beads)

Of all the personal characteristics I have found toward leading a successful life, two stand out in importance; humility and self-awareness. As a result of reading much of what Karen writes about in her life, it is very apparent to me that Karen not only possesses humility and self-awareness, but that she truly acknowledges their significance and leverages them to reach inside the minds of others to genuinely help them. There is perhaps no higher or noble calling in life than helping others and Karen is a shining example of what humanity can aspire to achieve when focused on others.

Michael W Cerkas  (Blogger,  The Inspired Verse)

Karen is the voice of depression for me, verbalizing experiences and feelings I was unable to articulate. Her vocation as a public school teacher in inner city Chicago, a place I used to call home, and posts about her students are so honorable and awe inspiring. You hear about people who make a difference on the news or through social media. Karen is one of these people, a real life celebrity to me, who makes the world better through the people she touches in her writing and in the classroom. She always makes me think, and appreciate my blessings. Thank you, Karen.

Elizabeth (Blogger, Breaking the Cycle)

While recovery from depression is different for everyone, Karen’s insights can be helpful to others on their journey. One of the best insights she has is that depression distorts the thinking process. It sure does! It is with God’s help and intervention that minds lose the distortion and function in ways that allow us to move forward with our lives.

George Billington (Christian counselor and blogger,  Christiancounselorpastor)

The Word of God calls us jars of clay in 2 Cor. 4:7. In us we carry the Light of the World, but the only way for that Light to shine is through the cracks of our vulnerability. Karen writes with a vulnerability that is rare. She allows the Light of Christ to shine through her cracks and the Light is bringing hope to those around her. I pray God continues to let His Light shine through her writings.

In the Potter’s Hands

On behalf of the Mott family, I would like to take this time to extend a special gratitude for the active and assuaging kindness demonstrated by Karen.  In jumping to the aid of our son, Omari Mott, she has exemplified everyday empathy through her works.  She has been most appreciated for helping my son ponder the values of Faith throughout his ordeal. From the beginning when she arrived on the scene, I remember smiling several times to myself how he perked up to sit by her side as if in some way were related.  And then I realized that I always known forever that YES, we were related; it was through the family of God. When we established the Omari Get Well Fund, I merely asked that at a minimum, she passed the news of our request to those she both respects and loves.  She has been more than up to the task. Her love has manifested and resulted in the promulgated assistance in the form of many prayers, visits, and donations and on behalf of the family we are proud to welcome her in the name of Peace to our home.
Shelby Mott

If you would like to endorse this blog, email me at karen.zainal@gmail.com or get in touch on the blog’s Facebook page. Thank you! 🙂


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