Wanted: a philosophy that honors the full spectrum of human life

We are now faced with a philosophy and a practice which exclude the two ends of life that are most full of promise for peoples. They exclude the elderly, obviously. You could easily think there is a kind of hidden euthanasia, that is, we don’t take care of the elderly; but there is also a cultural euthanasia, because we don’t allow them to speak, we don’t allow them to act. And there is the exclusion of the young. The percentage of our young people without work, without employment, is very high and we have a generation with no experience of the dignity gained through work. This civilization, in other words, has led us to exclude the two peaks that make up our future. As for the young, they must emerge, they must assert themselves, the young must go out to fight for values, to fight for these values; and the elderly must open their mouths, the elderly must open their mouths and teach us!

–Pope Francis



7 thoughts on “Wanted: a philosophy that honors the full spectrum of human life”

  1. I think it would be great to see this happen. I think it is unlikely, apart from a miracle – or maybe it will happen, but not soon…. It is possible to look back to the days when university dons first started promulgating the theory that man could manage on his own, become the best that he could be by his own ambition alone…. we are talking about a century and a half. That concept of self-aggrandisement to the detriment of others is now full-blown. How many decades to change it, even if it were begun in our educational establishments today?
    But that does not mean we should not pray and hope!! God can effect miracles, even in our times!!

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  2. I never cease to be impressed with Pope Francis. I am Protestant, but I truly believe that God has blessed us with him. No other Christian leader today can have as much influence in the world. We need more Christian leaders who are living examples of God’s love for his creation.

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  3. I remember when old people were regarded for their wisdom and experience, and children were looked upon as a blessing.

    “Let all bear in mind that a society is judged not so much by the standards attained by its more affluent and privileged members as by the quality of life which it is able to assure for its weakest members.” ~H.E. Javier Perez de Cuellar


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