If I were to summarize depression in 3 panels

Doodled by Karen Zainal

15 thoughts on “If I were to summarize depression in 3 panels”

  1. Depression can be more complicated but if one had to use only three panels, I think you pretty much summed it up. May I have a printable poster for my group? Thanks

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  2. I had a major depressive episode 20 years ago. With a lot of help and effort I’m ok but it’s left quite a mark on me. As a physician I can honestly say the profession doesn’t really understand what it’s like, and it’s impossible for those who love you to imagine what you’re going through.

    I have a little paradigm that kind of summarizes my experience

    4ds- despair, dread, despondency, defeat
    3hs- help, holding on, hope
    3rs- responding, resiliency, recovery

    I knew I was getting better when I began to show interest in how others around me were doing and feeling.

    Depression doesn’t define me but it’s always a part of me. In some ways the experience made me a better person. In others, not so much. Regardless, it’s me

    Don’t give up. It’s very hard. But you will get through it. The 4 ds, then the 3 hs, and then the 3 rs.

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  3. My question is about during the 4 d’s? Would that include anger & blame, avoidance & complete removal from the lives of your loved one. I know someone going thru this now & the hard part is that it seems he doesn’t realize it. He is bipolar, ptsd, bpd & I’m sure many other issues. But this has been going on for 8 mos. What can I do? He blames & won’t communicate at all, won’t allow me to see him. His immediate family does nothing to help him. They believe all is fine with his isolation, & self medication of marijuana. Do you just wait it out???


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