There’s a bit of Ozzy in all of us

A couple of exciting things have happened in the last few weeks. First, the realization that my antidepressants are working and that my condition is stabilizing. Second, the fine folks of WordPress plucking me out of cyber obscurity by featuring one of my posts on ‘Freshly Pressed’. Stop the presses — The Huffington Post just picked it up too! And last but not least, the surprise discovery that I have a hidden talent in…doodling.

The following images are of my first “collection”, The Misfit Animals. Meet Ozzy the Ostracized Ostrich, Annie the Antisocial Anteater, Malcolm the Maladjusted Meerkat, and Camille the Capricious Camel.

Ozzie Print
Ozzy the Ostracized Ostrich
Malcolm Print
Malcolm the Maladjusted Meerkat
Annie Print
Annie the Antisocial Anteater
Camille Print
Camille the Capricious Camel

The impetus behind the series? Just this simple observation: we can be so preoccupied by certain traits or circumstances we forget that the individual is far more complex than that.

I see this in myself when I am deep in depression, and in any mortal who struggles with insecurities. At work, I see it in students who can’t get past the “shame” of having been diagnosed with a learning disability.

The same tunnel-vision effect applies in the way we view others. I see this in the way people react to those who are “different” because of physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities. And last but not least, I also see this in the way we are quick to condemn and dehumanize criminal offenders based on their crime or pathological condition (I will write more on this soon).

When we fail to see people (be it ourselves or others) all their complexity, instead reducing individuals to specific traits or behaviors, we will fail to recognize their beauty, value, and humanity.

(‘The Misfit Animals’ can now be purchased as art prints and a plethora of other products at my new Society6 store. For those who, like me, often fear being “boring”, Nikki the Nondescript Narwhal will soon be joining the family.)

Print Collage
The Misfit Animals by Thingamadoodle

11 thoughts on “There’s a bit of Ozzy in all of us”

    1. Thank you, Sandie! 🙂 Interesting — I hadn’t thought to classify these thoughts as reflections on “diversity”! Perhaps even more aptly, I think what I’m trying to get at is “solidarity”. Without solidarity, diversity is just plain lip-service, don’t you think? 🙂


      1. Actually, I think diversity–the fact that we are all unique, special, specifically created, and vastly differing individuals–is one of the greatest gifts God gives to us. It’s one of the things I most love about life! How beautiful is it that out of 7 billion people, there is no one else like you, or me? No one else can do what you do! Perception, point of view, talents, size, quirks, experiences, likes, how we handle hard times, skin color, learning styles–people are amazing, and it’s the billions of ways in which we are each one-of-a-kind that make us so incredible! (I really enjoy your one-of-a-kind posts, too!)

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